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What content marketing is, and why it matters

Content marketing can be an extremely effective way to generate new business, and we’ll give you ideas on how best to execute a content marketing strategy in a series of posts.

Brilliant Marketing on the Cheap – Events

I have been reading quite a bit about cutting back on marketing spend in 2009 but instead of pontificating about marketing on the cheap I thought I would show examples of how companies are successfully cutting back and still getting great results.  This is the first post in a series.

Detour Before the Exit

Lately I am asking venture funded or bootstrapped companies, “So, what’s your exit strategy?” Usually I get some type of answer but this year, my question is being answered with “I am not sure anymore.”

Marketing on smaller budgets

As many companies look to scale back on expenses, marketing and PR budgets are being heavily scrutinized and in many cases are being cut indiscriminately.  But you can’t just stop marketing your products and services, since doing so can significantly impact the size of your pipeline and success of your sales efforts.  But you can do a lot on a smaller budget.  How?

Back to the Future

I am a big fan of metrics — when used properly. It is that time again, when we look back over the year and evaluate our client’s progress and the role we have played in that progress.