Content Marketing

Attract, Capture, & Qualify Leads

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Content Marketing – Start with a Game Changing Plan

Attract prospects and convert leads with compelling and contagious content. Red Javelin helps you continually publish a steady stream of fresh, relevant, link-worthy, SEO-optimized content that tells your story, boosts search engine rankings, generates inbound links and drives website traffic. And we optimize your content for multi-channel marketing programs that will reach the right audience and the right time.

Having a solid content strategy is at the core of any marketing organization. Done right, it can be a game changer. The first step is to develop a strategy and plan. Red Javelin’s Content Strategy Blueprint include:

  • Personas – Fictional representations of your ideal customer that identify their needs, pain points and objections.
  • Content Audit – Identifies gaps in what you need and what needs to be updated.
  • Map of the Buyer’s Journey – We map all content to each stage in the buyer’s journey to ensure that you have the right content for each stage.
  • Leadership Topics – We identify and curate leadership topics from your executive team that align with the company’s business objectives.
  • Editorial Calendar – A 90-day action plan results from the planning process.

Build Loyalty and Trust with Relevant Content

Keeping the content pipeline full with fresh and engaging content is a challenge for any marketer. Companies struggle to fill the need for content fast enough. Our team of brand journalists bring your story to life. Once you’ve created content, you need to publish, share and promote it to attract more visitors to your website. We look closely at your personas and develop data-driven strategies to amplify your message through the appropriate channels.

  • Blog posts, e-newsletters, email campaigns
  • Bylined Articles, White Papers, Solutions Briefs
  • Customer Case Studies
  • Sales Materials, Infographics, Slideshows
  • Brochures, Data Sheets, Sell Sheets
  • Video & animation

Capture More Leads with Marketing Automation

We can work with your current marketing automation or recommend one to begin capturing leads from your content offers.

  • Inbound campaign planning & management
  • Develop compelling offers
  • Develop the conversion path
    • Call-to-Action
    • Landing Pages
    • Forms

Close More Sales

Now that you have visitors to your website, and they have turned into leads from your content, it’s time to further qualify those prospects so that sales can more effectively move them through the funnel and convert visitors into customers.
How do we turn marketing leads into sales leads?

  • Lead Nurturing eMail campaigns
  • Nurturing workflow campaigns

The Need for Marketing Automation

Can you do online marketing without a platform? The simple answer is yes. But, you will need some disparate tools that are not integrated or scalable. You will need a blogging platform, social media publishing and monitoring tools, SEO tools, e-mail package, events package, and analytics – each of these tools requires particular expertise to use them correctly and a senior person to manage the entire process as well as interpret the analytics. Marketing automation provides full blogging/social/SEO/CRM integration as well as automated lead nurturing. We are primarily a HubSpot shop but have also worked provided content marketing service for other content marketing platforms such as ActOn and Marketo.