Public Relations

Strategy & Counsel, Media/Blogger Relations, Analyst/Influencer Relations & Speaking/Awards/Product Reviews

Public Relations

Red Javelin’s entrepreneurial, agile, and tenacious style powers the PR machine we create for our clients. We help emerging-growth technology companies use communications to increase their brand awareness, showcase their innovations and build industry relevance in today’s complex, digital world. We tell powerful, compelling stories that resonate with the media. And we do it really well.

PR Strategy & Counsel

Strategy the single most important aspect of what we do. We combine research, data and years of media experience to create PR strategies that deliver measurable results. But ask any Red Javelin client and they will tell you that they choose us for our people too. Our emerging-growth clients need to leverage marketing activities off one another to save money and maximize impact. And our real-time counsel, whether it’s about recommended pitches or new PR tactics, is what keeps our clients coming back.

Creating the Stories

The core of our success at Red Javelin is our unmatched ability to distill the complexities of a client’s technology and make it simple to understand, compelling and differentiating. We create various relevant and impactful stories & messaging that captures attention and resonates with the media. Since innovation happens very quickly, what may be relevant one day may be out the next. It’s our job to know what’s transformative, disrupting the status quo to help turn our clients into game changers.

Media & Blogger Relations

Earned media placements such as being interviewed on television or quoted in a news story still remain the most powerful, cost-effective, and efficient way to communicate to a broad audience. They give brands the third-party credibility and validation today’s buyers seek out when making purchasing decisions and remain the most powerful resource to influence business outcomes. Media relations remains our core competency at Red Javelin. Our proactive, relentless style is why many innovators choose us. We know the key influencers in the mainstream, trade, online, broadcast, and vertical media. We’re experts at navigating the changing media landscape and delivering compelling & timely pitches that help build leaders.

Analyst & Influencer Relations

If you’re a technology vendor, an industry analyst & influencer relations program is critical in helping you gain a better position in your market space. Your clients and competitors talk to analysts and influencers and you need to be part of that conversation too. Today more than ever, 50% of buying decisions are based on influencer activity. Red Javelin’s long-standing relationships help us understand who has influence and why. We ensure that your company has the opportunity to tell your story, and help you communicate appropriate market positioning, competitive differentiation and corporate momentum needed to become a leader.

Speaking & Awards Program

By putting your company’s best minds forward,your business can quickly increase brand recognition and new business leads. Red Javelin knows these programs intimately and what it takes to secure prominent speaking slots, and industry and product awards that will establish the confidence, trust and vision needed to be a thought leader and expert in your particular industry.

Crisis Communications

Our philosophy is simple: be prepared. Our ready-to-go team of experienced professionals helps you manage your organizational reputation and keep public trust intact. We develop thoughtful crisis communications plans to manage crisis situations before they escalate so you can respond quickly and effectively, even in a digital world.

International PR

For global companies, U.S.-based companies entering new markets or international companies looking to expand their footprint in the U.S., Red Javelin has expertise in running global PR programs and implementing various cost-effective media relations tactics to make your emerging-growth company increase sales leads and boost visibility across the globe.