Ronnie Shelly

Content Creator


With over 25 years experience with Fortune 500 high-tech companies, Ronnie has an in-depth understanding of high technology markets and business processes. Specializing in marketing communications, Ronnie is very skilled at converting highly technical content into marketing materials that can be easily understood by business audiences. In her career, she has managed numerous high-impact marketing initiatives including worldwide product launches, direct marketing and lead generation campaigns, social media, content creation, and internal/external communications. Her product expertise includes IT security, data management, IoT, business applications, e-learning software, and support services.

Ronnie has worked for Red Javelin for a year, writing marketing content for various small businesses. Her extensive experience in crafting targeted marketing messages and benefits statements is invaluable for creating audience-specific blog articles and media messages. Prior to joining Red Javelin, Ronnie spent 20 years at IBM as a worldwide marketing manager, with previous marketing experience at Data General Corporation, Wang Laboratories, and Digital Equipment Corporation.

During her free time, Ronnie serves on the boards of several non-profit organizations including her town library’s Board of Trustees, the garden club and the Lions Club. Ronnie received a B.A. in English from Framingham State University, graduating magna cum laude. She also received an MBA from Clark University, with a concentration in Marketing/Communications. She currently lives in Hampstead, NH.

Ronnie Shelley
“I love introducing the latest technologies to new audiences, then explaining how these applications can help make our jobs easier.”