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David vs. Goliath: The Rise of Emerging Consumer Tech

From smart speakers and voice assistants to smartphones with facial recognition, emerging technologies are becoming more and more common. Consumer technology marketing methods continue to evolve, diversify and become more eye-catching than ever. Reduced barriers to entry in selling and marketing new brands have shortened the shelf life of traditional brands, with 25% of growth going to insurgent competitors, who are redefining consumer expectations of brand purpose, service and engagement. As an emerging company with a new consumer technology, app or site, how do you use marketing to raise visibility against the Goliaths of your industry and sign up more customers or site visitors?

Boost Launch Success

Our experience in building strategic consumer tech PR and marketing campaigns– from consumer websites, apps, or software in travel, healthcare, real estate, building, gaming and consumer electronics – brings emerging companies the creative ideas and proactive execution they need to get known. We tell your story in a way that resonates with the top media. Whether it’s better understanding your consumer journey, a pre-launch marketing strategy, pumping out fresh, lifestyle content or influencer marketing, PR launch, creating a buzz with social media, or launching a crowdfunding campaign, Red Javelin will deliver high-impact results where you need it the most.

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Sample expertise includes:

  • Online sites including travel, divorce, photo sharing, appointment scheduling
  • Real estate/building
  • Smart building and IoT solutions
  • Commercial real estate software
  • Hotel reservation software
  • Parking management solutions
  • Gaming, including voice/chat platforms
  • Consumer electronics repair & supply marketplace

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