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Digital transformation is changing the game

Enterprise software is growing faster than ever and in a constant state of transformation as the convergence of social, mobile, analytics and cloud changes the needs of today’s leaner, faster businesses. Today’s enterprise software market doesn’t look like the enterprise software of the past. It’s much larger and can no longer be controlled by a handful of vendors. As the landscape shifts, how will you become the vendor that rises as a winner and chosen by technology buyers?

ent software band

We create software leaders

Opportunities are ripe for modern enterprise software disruptors to emerge and drive transformation in a particular category or industry to meet the rapidly changing user and buyer expectations in the cloud. Our clients come to us because we’re software marketing experts. We’re immersed everyday in the trends shaping B2B2C software and intimate with the publications, analysts and influencers that shape these industries. With the right mix of customer-focused marketing and PR, we promise to propel your company forward.

ent software band

Software highlights include:

  • Content management, customer relationship management (CRM), project management applications
  • Logistics/supply chain management (SCM)/enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications
  • Search, communications and collaborative applications
  • Data warehouse, analytics, business intelligence (BI) applications
  • Operations and manufacturing applications
  • E-commerce applications
  • DevOps, application development, web development and open source applications
  • System and network management software
  • Storage software
  • Security
  • Marketing and sales enablement
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