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Associations, foundations, non-profit organizations as well as professional services firms – venture capital, law, real estate, consulting – usually don’t have a lot of new industry-changing products to talk about or a stream of breaking news to announce. Foundations and associations tight on resources need to do more with less to spread their message, get the media to notice them and bring in new donors. Professional service firms often struggle to differentiate themselves from others in their industry, how to effectively build the trust they need and leads they need beyond their own referral networks to grow their business and remain competitive. Traditional marketing just won’t cut it anymore in this digital world.

See the new website we created for non-profit CORD:


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Red Javelin understands industries whose products and services are based on professional expertise rather than tangible products or commodities. Whether you need value-based messaging to better differentiate, refresh your website, PR thought leadership & news programs to build your reputation and increase awareness, or digital marketing to drive a new model of business development, Red Javelin brings strategic thinking,  creative implementation and services expertise to help you succeed.

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