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New Integrated Digital Strategy Yields 685% ROI


A B2B healthcare client is a leading provider of safety and wellness solutions that help protect the physical, social, and emotional well-being of millions of students, employees, and citizens throughout the United States. Its award-winning technology-based solutions help intervene on safety and well-being concerns, respond to and mitigate critical incidents, and educate individuals on personal safety and wellness.


The Impact Over 12 Months 

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685% ROI

PR Metrics

615% Increase in Web Traffic

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647 Requests for Demo

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Blog generates 23.5% of overall traffic

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8.2% Landing Page Conversion Rate (2.6% is average in this industry)


Increased Earned Media Reach by 253%

How we did it: The Starting Point

The client was using Salesforce and wanted to evolve its marketing. They used several ad-hoc marketing tools, had an inconsistent social media presence, an ineffective blog program, no PR, and outdated collateral. The client planned to launch a second flagship offering targeted to new personas in 2022, and there was no cohesive launch plan or content to support the effort.

How we did it: Products

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Success Through a Modernized Integrated Solution


Web Development - Optimized a Sales-Ready Website

Red Javelin worked with the client team to fully optimize the user experience on its Hubspot CMS Pro Hub website with new webpages, leveraging the HubDB database structure to house all portal assets.

HubSpot Onboarding with Salesforce Integration

Red Javelin onboarded HubSpot Marketing Enterprise Hub with Salesforce integration for the bi-directional transfer of information, which allowed the marketing and sales teams to get a single view of prospective customers’ data across both platforms. As part of the onboarding process, Red Javelin developed eleven distinct personas, segmented the database, developed landing pages and CTA images, and implemented lead scoring to support its existing solutions and new offerings. Automated alerts for the sales team were also set up for MQL and SQL conversions. 

Developed an Automated eMail Strategy to Re-engage Existing and Nurture New Contacts

Prospects can enter the buying cycle at any time. You may have those contacts in your CRM, but If you aren't engaging with them regularly, you won't be on their radar when they enter the market. The client re-engaged prospects to become a new opportunity when they begin looking for a solution and enter the buying cycle. The Company grew its contact database to more than 240K by offline sources in 2022. Red Javelin developed an ongoing email and content strategy to nurture contacts.

Implemented a Thought Leadership Program with  Best Practices

A blog is a great platform to share thought leadership. Having a consistent publishing cadence, a structure, adding visuals, and solid call-to-actions builds credibility, establishes trust, and brings in new leads.

Launched Earned Media and Social Media Programs to Extend Company Reach

Consistency is the key to reaching new prospects and influences. Red Javelin loaded the social channels with thought leadership content and implemented an ongoing local news program in each of their targeted locations.

New Content

Red Javelin developed a content strategy and new TOF and MOF content to support the buying journey.


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