Xeros/Hydrofinity: B2B Content That Converts


When Xeros started working with Red Javelin, the company was just launching polymer cleaning, the first innovation in commercial laundry in more than 60 years. Xeros’ target is a laggard market meaning that they avoid change and may not be willing to adopt a new product or technology until all traditional alternatives are no longer available.

Red Javelin was tasked with evangelizing this innovation in several market segments including commercial laundry, industrial laundry, and hospitality. The company had developed a corporate message around sustainability and had just started an inbound program but it was run separately from the public relations program.


Our Work:

  • Red Javelin developed an emerging market communications program that included evangelizing the science behind polymer cleaning, operational benefits, new customers and partners.
  • Red Javelin helped Xeros integrate the public relations and inbound strategy leveraging what was learned pitching stories into a robust editorial calendar for content marketing.
  • Reviewed the current message, tested it with journalists, influencers, and targeted personas, and learned that sustainability generated awareness but that message didn’t convert into action.
  • Re-evaluated personas and developed content that educated prospects about the operational and business benefits of the solution with business models that illustrated savings.
  • Created case studies that validated the company’s claims.
  • Packaged up discrete market development activities into ongoing programs and launched those using public relations and inbound marketing in a rolling thunder manner.
  • Instead of releasing a white paper on the results of a survey, Red Javelin created an ebook, with easy to digest content.



Emerging markets require extensive education before they will buy or be interested in a solution. This is especially true in laggard markets. One metric that is important during the evangelization is landing page conversion rates. The landing page conversions rate is the indicator that people are interested in what you are offering and are downloading your content to be educated. The average landing page conversion rate in a B2B inbound program is 13.28%.

  • Red Javelin’s content far exceeded the industry average. Case studies convert at 30-35%, white papers covert at 26-40%, and ebooks convert at 26%.