InforSense: Helping a Europe-based Analytics Firm Expand into North America


London-based InforSense was well known for its analytics capabilities within research arms of pharmaceutical companies and medical research institutes but was virtually unknown outside the research community. The company wanted to continue to drive visibility and sales leads in these markets while expanding into new but related markets including healthcare. InforSense was not well-known outside the U.K. and wanted to establish a presence in North America.


Our Work:

  • Created stories about the impact of translational medicine, genomics research and personalized medicine on everyday medical care to help educate the market outside the core research community. This helped our target audiences understand how complex analytics and big data could impact the way the medical community treated diseases like cancer, diabetes, as well as many other chronic diseases.
  • Launched InforSense into the healthcare vertical leveraging their first customer in this market.
  • Implemented a key influencers program to raise awareness for an exit.
  • Developed an aggressive thought leadership program that included key speaking opportunities as well as comprehensive byline program.



  • Raised InforSense’s thought leadership in translational medicine, genomics research and personalized medicine by securing a cover story in Bio-IT World that featured customer Dana Farber and translational research, as well as prominent feature and bylined article coverage in publications such as Bioinform , Drug Discovery and Development, Drug Discovery Today,  Innovations in Pharmaceutical Technology, Drug Discovery News, Genome Web Daily News, Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News, FierceBioTechIT, OBBeC, PharmaLive, Drug Discover World, and Life Sciences Blog.
  • Doubled coverage in North America in six months.
  • Positioned company as a leading analytics platform vendor and was named as a Company to Watch by Intelligent Enterprise and secured Information Week’s Editor’s Choice Award. Regularly covered in Information Week, eWeek, BYE-Network, Enterprise Systems, Dashboard Insight, CIO Magazine, KM World. Bylined articles were placed DM Review, Business Intelligence Review, Contact Professional and CRM Magazine.
  • Covered in Healthcare IT News and B-EYE Network. InforSense was named as a “Cool Vendor in Health Care” by Gartner and was featured in an IDC Health Industry Insights report.
  • Inforsense was purchased by IDBS.