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With more complex products and services, more decision-makers, longer buying cycles, and higher stakes, B2B companies must build trust and show value. B2B Public Relations (PR) remains the most influential way to build a positive reputation, increase awareness, cultivate trust, and establish credibility in the industry. B2B PR is specialized and requires a knowledgeable team to develop and execute effective strategies for business growth and turn emerging companies into industry leaders.



We Live and Breathe Innovation

Our roots are in B2B and technology. By simplifying complex technology into compelling stories, we help build your brand.  Our strategic PR programs increase brand awareness, showcase innovations, and build industry relevance in today’s complex, digital world.


Boston public relations

PR Strategy

Game plans include specific strategies and tactics to increase your visibility and ensure stories are optimized for success.

Boston Public Relations

News & Outreach

Targeted editorial opportunities for inclusion in applicable industry feature articles.

Corporate PR

Corporate PR

Promote your corporate brand, mission, ESG initiatives, and achievements.

Public Relations

Bylined Articles

Position your company as a thought leader, educate the marketplace, and drive revenue with bylined articles.

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Creative PR Campaigns

Proactive PR to get your key execs in front of the key press as an expert resource and thought leader in your industry.

Analyst relations

Influencer Relations

Drive relationships with key analysts and influencers to gain a better position in your market.

Recruiting PR

Recruiting PR

Build your employer brand and employer reputation.


Awards & Speaking

Increase your exposure and credibility by wining awards and speaking at industry events.

Crisis Communications

Crisis Comms

Control and manage your crisis to protect your reputation.

Employee Communications

Employee Comms

Inform, influence, and engage your employees.

International PR

International PR

Whether entering new markets or expanding your footprint in the U.S., boost your visibility across the globe.

PR Metrics

Metrics & Insights

Monthly dashboards and competitive newsletters to measure and optimize your PR investment.

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