Customer Marketing Programs


Did you know over 50% of businesses don’t know who their brand advocates are? And 80% who do know them don’t leverage them for marketing. And many think they won’t talk. Today, companies must have a customer-first strategy. To differentiate, you need to amplify your customer’s experiences to validate your offerings. Red Javelin is an expert at cultivating and activating your brand advocates to power your marketing and engagement strategies and create happy, more loyal customers. Our advocacy programs identify and harness the power of your product champions to grow your business.


Put Customers to Work for You

Our Brand Advocate program includes an engaging, creative marketing strategies and tactics to help identify, engage, and amplify their stories. Whether it’s gathering a testimonial, review, referral, or amplifying their stories through social channels, on blogs, or as bylines in the press, Red Javelin knows how to create an engaging integrated advocacy program that will entice customers to participate.


Brand Advocacy Programs

Our services include:

  • Customer Engagement Strategy
  • Customer Advocacy Marketing
  • Advocacy Content Creation, Case studies
  • Customer Inbound Marketing, E-mail marketing
  • Brand Ambassador/Loyalty Programs
  • Customer Newsletters
  • Social Listening & Response


Nurture Your New Customers

Using Red Javelin’s inbound marketing services, we will help you cultivate and nurture your new customers to become promoters of your offerings. Our programmatic digital marketing will engage them from the first day – to provide the thought leadership and continuous learning they need to become a loyal and longstanding customer.

See our customer advocacy program in action!

  • M-Files: Customer Success Program for Building a Tech Company’s Brand Advocates
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Harnessing The Power of Your Product Champions To Grow Your Business.