Leverage experts to validate your offerings 


B2B Influencer Marketing has become an increasingly important strategy when looking to build thought leadership, share insights or increase awareness. B2B influencers impact buying decisions. Leverage the credibility and reach offered by analysts, bloggers, users, and subject matter experts to convince buyers about the quality of your company, products, and services.


Kickstart Business Growth

Red Javelin creates the right influencer marketing campaigns to help B2B brands shorten the sales cycle and expand its networks. We research to find the most relevant influencers with the right expertise and networks for your business and create ongoing campaigns that combine strategy, expert narratives, engaging content, and proactive outreach to get the reach and credibility you need to accelerate business growth.


Trust – The Most Valuable Currency in B2B Marketing

Red Javelin’s Influencer Marketing Services help you engage internal and industry experts with active networks to help achieve measurable business goals.

  • Influencer Mapping, Research & Identification – Industry Influencers, Experts, Industry Analysts & Bloggers
  • Influencer Relations – Strategy, Narratives, Engagement and Campaign Management
  • Industry Analyst Relations

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