Insight & Analytics

Measuring Your Success

Metrics that Matter

How do you know if your public relations, content or inbound marketing program has been successful? Today, marketers have all kinds of tools and metrics at their disposal but it’s hard to know which ones matter, how to track, and use to fine tune marketing efforts. Red Javelin will identify and put in place the metrics you need to measure the effectiveness of your marketing strategies.

Setting Goals

The key to measuring program effectiveness is to set realistic and attainable goals. Businesses at various stages of their lifecycles have different goals and budgets. For some their primary objective is about launching their company and product, for others it may be about expanding into new markets, and for others is may be straight lead generation. Red Javelin helps you set realistic and measurable goals with KPIs that are aligned to your business objectives.

Measure and Adjust

Once you program is underway, we keep a close eye on the metrics. This enables us to see what’s working and what’s not so that we can make adjustments and get you the best return on your marketing investment. You no longer have to spend money on marketing only to hope that it is working.

PR Metrics & Reporting

PR is more than a tactical tool for creating brand awareness—it is a strategic advantage for nurturing relationships and driving conversions and the earned media you need to drive a successful integrated marketing program. PR drives traffic, traffic creates leads, leads become pipeline, and pipeline becomes revenue. To demonstrate this strategic value, Red Javelin identifies key metrics such as volume and quality of coverage, quarterly competitive reports and trackable links to prove the business impact of PR efforts. We’ll also provide you with a detailed monthly report of activities.

Inbound Metrics

Digital marketers have a difficult time knowing how to connect the dots in a meaningful way that will drive marketing performance. With so much information and so many possible combinations of metrics and reports to track, marketers tend to get overwhelmed trying to make sense of it all.  Red Javelin will identify key analytics such as traffic, time on site, lead conversion, inbound links, and engagement that will help track your particular marketing effectiveness. We will then use our marketing automation software to provide regular reports and use these to make data-driven decision making and fine tune your efforts.

Social Media Metrics

So you are tweeting, pushing content into your channels but how do you really know if it’s working or worth the time and investment? Whether it be the amount of engagement or shares you’re receiving on your social media networks, clicks back to your website via social media, or conversions once visitors get there, Red Javelin will establish the social media metrics that matter to your particular program and create monthly reports that will help you determine how well your campaigns and strategies are performing.