Launch marketing success with an integrated approach


Launching a product or a service these days has become increasingly complex. Successful launches are carefully choreographed and include integrated plans from many disciplines including product marketing, marketing, public relations, sales, support, and channel marketing. Today’s fast-paced, always-on news cycle and vast amount of vendor-curated content makes it more difficult than ever to capture attention of your targeted audience. You must be strategic. Creative. Think out-of-the box to rise above the noise to gain initial traction and generate buzz. Red Javelin has launched hundreds of companies and products. We know what it takes and use a variety of integrated and proven tactics, over a period of time, to tell your story.


RJ Launch Program

Launching a company and a product is much more than a single event. It is a multi-disciplined process, a series of activities and rolling thunder marketing that span a period of time – 90-120 days – with the objective of building awareness and momentum to drive sales. You only get once chance to make a good first impression. Red Javelin will help you lay the groundwork and develop a launch strategy that helps differentiate you and your product from the pack. We will set in motion the optimum mix of PR, content marketing tactics and campaigns to meet your marketing objectives and goals.


Launch Content Marketing

Create winning product launch strategies with engaging content and demand generation programs that feeds every stage of the buyer’s journey. Red Javelin will map and start curating relevant content to engage with your prospects. Whether its blogging, sneak peek and teaser messaging, or creating launch collateral, sales materials, online business listings or your new website, Red Javelin will ensure your marketing is synced for success.


Launch Social Media

Red Javelin will engage potential customers, users, and other interested people early and often on social media. We will help you set up appropriate social media accounts and help you get active to capture the necessary friends and followers that you will want to regularly engage with during and after your launch.


Launch PR

Red Javelin employs targeted go-to-market approaches that establish sustainable and speedy market traction for early corporate and product awareness. We will help you how to leverage your beta testers for marketing success. We will engage potential customers early with educational content to seed the market. And we will reach out to media outlets, thought influencers, serial-early adopters to get them talking about, sharing and using your product or write about how you are changing the way people can do things.

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