Simplifying complex technology into compelling stories is hard


In B2B marketing, your message strategy is the foundation of everything you do. Instead of a long list of features, functions or capabilities, messaging must focus on business outcomes, be relevant in today’s market, and succinctly communicate your value propositions.

We’re masters at creating brand stories worth sharing

We’re masters at creating brand stories worth sharing

Immersed in complex markets, Red Javelin brings unmatched knowledge of market players and technical knowledge to create clear, compelling and differentiated messaging that becomes the cornerstone of who you are and what you want to be. We help you create stories that are relevant, defensible, and sustainable and make what you do a “must have” to various target audiences to help build brand, drive customer engagement and grow your business.


Differentiate and show your value

Our Messaging services help you to understand the competition and what motivates your prospects and customers. We define their pain points, and develop value propositions that will inspire them to act. 

  • Red Javelin’s Messaging Blueprint
  • Positioning workshops
  • Brand narratives and pitches
  • Branding/Identity 

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