Positioning & Messaging

Buyer Persona Development & Messaging Blueprint

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Positioning & Messaging

In today’s cluttered world, your message is now more important than ever before. A message that resonates and is relevant in today’s market will help you rise into a leadership position, differentiate your offerings, and give you a competitive advantage. Red Javelin creates messages that demonstrate real transformation, that are relevant, defensible, and sustainable.

The Importance of Being Different

Never underestimate your competitors. Creating and maintaining competitive messages that are valuable to the market in the long term requires regular review with a strong implementation within your business. Your differentiation must create value as well. Being different just for the sake of being different won’t work —you must be sure to offer something your prospects will value as well. You must develop a range of competitive advantages that are actually valuable, superior, unique and relevant to potential users.

Know Your Customers – Persona Development

Understanding what prospects want and need is one of the key principles that drives messaging. Red Javelin will work with you to identify each person that has influence in the buy cycle as well as external audiences such as analysts, investors, the community, and media. Together, we will identify what they care about, their pain points, and what makes them tick. At first this may seem like a waste of time when you are moving at “start-up” speed, this exercise serves as the foundation for all of your marketing activities.

Differentiate with a Messaging Blueprint

Using Red Javelin’s proprietary Messaging Blueprint process, we help you to understand the competition and what motivates your prospects and customers, define their pain points, and develop value propositions that will inspire them to act. The resulting roadmap of top-level company, market and product messages can be used as a foundation for everything that follows. It will help you speak with a clear and consistent voice across your website, public relations, advertising, content marketing, events, and every other inbound and outbound marketing activity that you will do.