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From stealth to splash

You have validated the business idea and created the business plan. You’re building a small team, have secured some initial funding, and are close to having a viable product or service. It’s time now to come out of stealth, get ready to launch, and transition from development to growth.

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Marketing for B2B Startups


Red Javelin’s Startup Marketing services use proven B2B marketing strategies and tactics that are highly efficient, core to startups, and work within a tight budget to create faster growth, brand awareness, and authority in the marketplace. Our agile marketing model allows you to start small and scale up gradually to meet the changing needs of your growing business.



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Early Stage Marketing

We help start-ups better understand their target audience, position the brand and product in the market, and implement pre-launch marketing tactics and strategies to build traction and awareness.

Launch Content - Services


With the right mix of launch marketing, digital, content, and PR strategies and tactics, we help you increase awareness, establish brand authority, and kickstart demand generation.


Post-Launch Marketing

Keep the momentum going with a consistent and integrated program to help you grow your business and become an industry leader.

Startup Experts Across Industries

Red Javelin has guided early-stage startups from stealth to launch and beyond across various B2B segments, including SaaS, HealthTech, AI/ML, CleanTech, FinTech, and Industrial. See all our expertise here.



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Startup Services


  • Startup Marketing Strategy, Plan & Timeline
  • B2B Target Audience & Buyer Persona Development
  • Websites
  • SEO & Keyword research
  • Positioning & Messaging Mini-Blueprint
  • Starter Website, Landing Pages
  • Social Media Strategy, Setup & Starter Campaigns
  • Starter Marketing Content
  • Pre-launch Advertising/Lead Generation Campaigns
  • Pre-launch Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Pre-launch PR Campaign & Press kit Creation
  • Pre-launch Influencer Marketing Campaigns
  • Martech Tools & Setup

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