Ensure your marketing dollars are aligned with growth

You no longer have to spend money on marketing only to hope that it is working. Analytics are at the core of everything we do. Data leads to insights, which lead to understanding opportunities and challenges. During our discovery meeting, we take a deep dive into your target audience and your entire marketing mix to create the foundational metrics that underpin your strategy and action plan to get results.


Metrics that Matter

How do you know if your media relations, social or inbound marketing programs are successful? Today, marketers have all kinds of tools and metrics at their disposal but it’s hard to know which ones matter, how to interpret the data, and use it to fine tune marketing efforts. Red Javelin brings the marketing siloes together – PR, social, web analytics, and lead gen to measure the effectiveness of your overall plan.


Setting Measurable Goals

The key to measuring program effectiveness is to set realistic and attainable goals that align to your business. Businesses at various stages of their lifecycles have different goals and budgets. For some, the primary objective is launching their company and product, for others it may be about expanding into new markets or securing the next round of funding, and for others is may be straight-forward lead generation. Red Javelin helps you set realistic and measurable goals with KPIs that align to your business objectives.


Measure and Adjust

Once you program is underway, we keep a close eye on the metrics. This enables us to see what’s working and what’s not so that we can make adjustments and get you the best return on your marketing investment. You no longer have to spend money on marketing only to hope that it is working.

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