M-Files: Customer Success Program for Building a Tech Company’s Brand Advocates


When M-Files, a leader in enterprise content management solutions, started working with Red Javelin, the company had already a good amount of SMB customer testimonials on their website. However, the company was repositioning itself into larger, enterprise market and wanted to refresh their customer success efforts to underscore the business value and technical strength of its solutions. In addition, M-Files wanted a more programmatic approach to screening customer references and gaining more insight into their pain points, and capture ROI-related proof points for the company’s overall messaging and storytelling efforts.

Our Work:

  • Red Javelin engaged in an extensive customer success program focusing on targeted verticals to assist M-Files in building a rich inventory of referenceable customers.
  • Red Javelin worked with M-Files to create a customer screening process, identifying those with the most potential, and conducted interviews.
  • Red Javelin created full story case study testimonials highlighting certain product features and efficiency gains.
  • Red Javelin pitched customer case studies to relevant publications in order to promote customer successes.


  • Over a two-year period, Red Javelin produced over 25 testimonials and case studies for distribution on the M-Files website, in marketing materials and for PR purposes.
  • Because visitors are required to register before downloading the testimonials and case studies, M-Files secured a number of high quality sales leads in a variety of different industries.
  • With a constant stream of feedback from their biggest product evangelists, M-Files was able to further identify their customers’ most pressing needs and obtain insight into the most useful features of the software for future R&D efforts.
  • Customer case studies published in industry trade publications including Banking Systems & Technology, Health Management Technology among others.