Lisa Allocca



Over 25 years’ experience in global marketing, public relations, product management, market strategy and industry analysis

As co-founder of Red Javelin Communications, Lisa provides strategic advice and counsel to clients on all matters related to content marketing, public relations, social media, messaging, and positioning. Having spent half her career as the client and the other half with an agency, Lisa brings a unique panoramic view of CMO and market challenges to her clients. With more than two decades of public relations and marketing experience, Lisa has the ability to combine a strategic view of communications and corporate positioning with a constant eye on the competition to help companies rise to leadership positions. Having worked with numerous high-technology brands, Lisa can synthesize complex data points and communicate challenges quickly to yield high-impact business results for her clients.

With a passion for disruptive technology, Lisa’s most recent experience is in the areas of water conservation, renewable energy, travel and hospitality, fintech, big data analytics, IoT, technology-enabled business ecosystems, and pharma tech.

Prior to founding Red Javelin, Lisa worked at Charles River Ventures in the CRVelocity accelerator program working with portfolio companies to develop positioning, hone messaging, and launch their companies. Previously, she was Vice President of Solutions Marketing at Unisphere Solutions (Siemens) and Director of Network Convergence at management consulting firm Renaissance Worldwide. She has held various executive marketing positions at networking companies and started her career as a network engineer at Nynex.

As a champion for entrepreneurship and innovation, Lisa is active in UMass Lowell’s DifferenceMaker Venture Program, championing young entrepreneurs in launching social businesses. Lisa has also been a three-time guest lecturer at MIT Sloan. Her viewpoints have been featured in Forbes, InternetWeek, Interactive Week, Infoworld, Information Week, Telephony, and Telecommunications Magazine. Lisa has run panels and presented on network evolution in forums such as NetWorld + INTEROP, IP Revolution Conference, ASP Summit, Service Provider Summit and SuperComm. In her free time, Lisa can be found at yoga, skiing, golfing or hiking.

She holds a B.S. in Business Management and Information Systems from the University of Massachusetts and currently lives in Andover, MA.

“Results speak for themselves.”